Friendship Heights

Friendship Heights is situated along a major thoroughfare that was originally the route of an ancient Native American trail.

Welcome to Friendship Heights

Centrally located neighborhood with excellent shopping.
Bounded by Western Avenue NW and River Road NW, Friendship Heights covers a triangular cross section of Northwest D.C. and Maryland’s southern boundary. This upscale commercial district is known for its retail and dining options, and is a walkable neighborhood with convenient transportation links to other D.C. areas, including via a Red Line Metro station.
Real estate within Friendship Heights mostly consists of modern apartments and condominiums, with single-family homes and rowhouses on side streets away from the main commercial area. Homes are in consistent high demand. New apartment complexes have been constructed here in recent years, many of which contain spacious luxury units valued at up to $2 million.
Known as a great place to shop, Friendship Heights also exudes a laid-back, suburban calm. This combination of convenience and peacefulness attracts young couples who work in D.C.; but residents run the gamut, from young families just getting settled to retirees who have been settled here for years. Friendship Heights ticks all the right boxes for those looking to live centrally without compromising on the size of their living space.
Wisconsin Avenue is the heart of the neighborhood and gives the area its reputation as a premier shopping destination. Close to Friendship Heights Metro station, Chevy Chase Pavilion and Mazza Gallerie provide a range of retailers. Further along the avenue you come to Bloomingdale’s and high-end fashion brands Dior, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton. This glittering shopping street has several national chain restaurants, as well as locally run eateries like Booeymonger, Chadwick’s, and Rodman’s market. Other neighborhood retail options include a Whole Foods on nearby Willard Avenue.

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