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Let’s face it: selling a home can be stressful, especially when it comes to marketing. From the visual aspects, like how to stage your home and the best angles from which to showcase it, to the branding facets, such as the right language to use when describing its features to the most impactful fonts and graphics, it can feel tricky and anxiety-inducing. There’s also the matter of how you can reach the widest audience and accumulate leads who are genuinely interested in your home.

Luckily, Nicola Taylor provides a host of services that makes all of this simpler than ever. Nicola goes above and beyond, giving her clients the knowledge and tools they need to succeed. In addition to her years of experience as a real estate agent, Nicola brings a wide array of related expertise to the table, including:

  • Interior design
  • Investment property renovation
  • Project management

Nicola’s keen eye for detail coupled with her understanding of budgets and timelines is an unparalleled combination. Her background and skill set allow her to offer her clients a comprehensive approach to selling. Nicola will truly act as a resource and advocate throughout the entire process, as she knows how to maximize efficiency and profitability without sacrificing her honesty and optimism.


Stunning Photography
Striking Videos
Interactive Models
Property Websites
Over 90% of home buyers start their search on the internet, so having an online presence isn’t just beneficial—it’s crucial. Nicola knows the importance of marketing on the web, which is why she provides an extensive selection of valuable services, such as:
High-quality photography is an integral part of digital marketing. A picture is worth a thousand words—and thousands of dollars in sales. Homes with great photographs typically sell faster and for a higher price, leading to a better profit in a shorter amount of time.
Videos are key to helping potential buyers explore a home without them actually having to step foot inside. From wide outdoor spaces to small interior details, videos can showcase the best parts of a home and elevate it beyond static photos. Videos are a dynamic and engaging medium, attracting a greater number of interested parties. Properties with videos receive up to four times the amount of inquiries on average.
Interactive, three-dimensional models offer an even more immersive way to tour a home online. With precise floor plans and maps, potential buyers can not only see a home but also imagine its potential, exploring what the area could look like with their personal touches added into the equation. Models enable potential buyers to see both the big picture and minute details within seconds, allowing them to fully interact with the space.
Each of my listings receives its own property website—a location where all of the above assets can be found alongside in-depth information about the home. These sites can boost visibility and expand your reach, leading to more qualified leads and a competitive situation to benefit you.


Although the amount of buyers turning their attention online is growing, print marketing is still a vital part of the real estate business. This is why, in addition to innovative digital campaigns, Nicola provides exceptional print marketing as well. Made from high-quality materials and enhanced with aesthetically pleasing graphics, print assets can help your property stand out from the crowd. These cohesive campaigns include elements such as:
Detailed brochures that act as a thorough guide to the property
To-the-point flyers to quickly grab the attention of potential buyers, giving them a quick yet detailed overview of the home
Concise cards that interested parties can take on-the-go, keeping the property at the forefront of their mind


Utilizing traditional marketing avenues and new strategies alike can not only help you reach a larger audience—it can help you reach the right audience. Nicola is connected to a wide network of distinguished clientele, meaning she can get your home seen by the most serious, qualified buyers. Having access to and a keen understanding of the global marketplace ensures that you will be matched with quality buyers, getting you the best deal in the shortest amount of time.

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As an accomplished real estate consultant and investor in the greater Washington, D.C. area, Nicola has more than thirteen years of experience. She is a radiant, warm and joyful Jamaican native who has grown her career over the past decade with an abundance of sold homes in the greater Washington D.C. area.