Revered Northwest D.C. community, home to five U.S. presidents.

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Revered Northwest D.C. community, home to five U.S. presidents.

Located within Washington D.C.’s Northwest quadrant, the quiet residential area of Kalorama comprises the Kalorama Triangle and Sheridan-Kalorama neighborhoods. While Kalorama is known for the peace and privacy it affords its well-known residents, the bustle and excitement of Dupont Circle and Georgetown are mere minutes away.
Kalorama’s real estate mostly consists of grand pre-war properties with distinctive and elegant architecture. Existing since the late 19th century as a desired place of residence for famous political figures has inspired home design that is grand and powerful yet never ostentatious. Beaux arts, Georgian, and neo-Colonial mansions are typical styles around the neighborhood, each exhibiting immense attention to interior and exterior design details. Kalorama’s row homes date as far back as 1910, while the grander detached properties were typically constructed in the 1920s and ‘30s. 
These magnificent homes have housed some of the United States’ most powerful people. The residences of former presidents William H. Taft and Herbert Hoover were converted into foreign embassies, while Woodrow Wilson’s post-presidency home has become a museum. Franklin D. Roosevelt and Warren Harding both were Kalorama residents before moving into the White House. Most recently, in 2017 the Obamas paid $5.3 million for a property on Belmont Road, making Kalorama their primary residence following Barack Obama’s presidency. The quiet tree-lined streets, lavish-yet-understated architecture, and impeccable location are home to many more of the nation’s wealthiest and most powerful public figures, including Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump, and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.
Kalorama’s restaurants are in keeping with the area’s atmosphere of understated refinement. Connecticut Avenue’s establishments offer fine dining in intimate settings. Favorites include Bistro du Coin, Russia House, Sushi Ogawa, and Across the Pond.
Many country clubs can be found within a short drive. Barack Obama belongs to the revered Columbia Country Club, a six-mile drive from the Obamas’ Kalorama Heights home.

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