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Should I Sell My Home Now, or Wait Until Spring?

Should I Sell My Home Now, or Wait Until Spring?

  • 12/15/20
Wintertime is known for being the off-season for selling a house. In the DMV, the Winter can be cold, dark, and dreary, at times, due to shorter days and bare foliage decreasing curb appeal. With that being said, many sellers prefer the warmth and sunshine as the backdrop for an open house, but the offseason comes with its perks.

-Fewer homes for sale means less competition and more potential buyers for you. 

-Winter comes with multiple 3-day weekends and bank holidays which is the perfect time for home shopping.

-Buyers shopping during the off-season tend to be more motivated for various reasons including job relocation and change in financial situation or family needs. 

-Showing your home during the Winter may be showcasing your home in its best light because it shows the house can take the harsh elements that come with the season. 

-Real Estate is always in season and a dedicated realtor can get the job done during the off-season.

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